Copper & Silver in the kitchen

Until a few years ago, cooking with copper pots was uncommon.

Since then great chefs have rediscovered the use of copper. There’s nothing better than preparing a good meal with copper.

For this reason we make copper pots coated with silver too. All our products are handmade.

We use a particular & innovative technique in the last phase of manufacture to coat the copper pots with silver.

Historically it has always been difficult to line our pots with silver but now, after much research & many experiments, we are able to do it.

The silver layer is 15 microns thick.

This obviously makes the pots thicker than they were. Therefore our copper & silver pots are more effective than silver pots. Thermal conductivity of silver is higher than copper. And the combination of these two elements gives a better performance than copper & tin.

Cooking quality is also better & on top of that, the pot life is longer. Its possible to cook all foods. For example: sauces, pasta, stews & fried food.

Our pot handles are made of brass, therefore you can cook on a stove or in an oven. Cooking time is almost halved & this preserves organoleptic properties.

Thermal conductivity *


Stainless steel
429 W/m°C
392 W/m°C
225 W/m°C
16 W/m°C

(*) CERTIFICATION 355/2001 - Transfer of the food (DM 21/03/1973) MAXIMUM EXTENT PROVIDED 50 mg / kg.
UNIT 'MEASURING p.p.m. (simulating liquid: acetic acid 3%)