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Handmade fusilli with sausage and arugula

This time we were warned in time and we decided to prepare the homemade fusilli.
The ingredients are few and simple: THE PIECE STRONG it is the homemade pasta: apart from the pasta, sausage crumbled one to head, oil, rocket and parmesan. Point.

  • Start at the top of the spit
  • Twist the dough
  • Until reaching the desired length
  • Delicately extract the spit and put the fusillo pasta on a baking tin dusted with flour
  • Don't add to much garlic
  • Crumbled sausage
  • When brown
  • add a glass of wine
  • and simmer until evaporated.
  • Now add fusilli and toss with the parmesan cheese
  • Add some rocket and serve
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The Fusilli can be long or short. The name comes from the simple tool used to give the characteristic spiral shape: an iron for up her knitting. We we have replaced with a bamboo skewer.
The recipe is very simple. The only difficulty is the preparation of fusilli.
It starts from a mixture of flour double zero and durum wheat flour and water. Before working a soft dough with the double zero. Then we make it more consistent and dry with wheat flour.

Prepared the dough, we let it sit for almost an hour. Later, always helping us with the whole wheat flour, roll it up the sheets to the desired thickness. Arrotoliamo the sheets with a well-sharpened knife cut strips about an inch wide. Thus, arrotoliamo around the spedino and have the pasta gently in a pan. Will have to dry until we can handle them without losing its shape.
Who has a convection oven with the program for drying is an advantage.
Preparation time can not be estimated.