Old Cesare and his hobbies

If you come and visit Montepulciano it's very likely for you to come across an ancient craft shop in via del Teatro.

You can peek inside through the shop window or come in.
If you decide for the second option, you will be warmly welcomed. Old Cesare is always there.
That place is not his whole world but the old, messy shop is an important part of his life.
Any visitor is a guest. But make sure to be prepared to his extraordinary talkativeness, typical of the genuine Tuscan people.

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Today Cesare is well known all over the world.

Many important TV networks of the five continents dedicated to him a lot of reports. And the most eminent specialized newspapers have written articles and special supplements to his creative genius.

His has also been invited to talk at the Italian parliament for his ceaseless work in favour of the revaluation and the enhancement of craftsmanship.

He welcomes school groups and guided tours of the major tour operators.

In addition, breaking all protocol, he had the privilege of dwelling in a discussion about the ancient art of copper crafting and about his own works with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

Despite this, he remains the good old Cesare he was. Well, actually all his achievements make him very proud of himself. He could brag about himself. But our Cesare continues saying that his success his not just his own, it depends on the teaching of his masters and, in particular, it depends on the passion for copper crafting that was handed down by his grandfather first and then by his father.

If you come to Montepulciano you may find him, as it happened to us, working on some of his pieces. Probably, a simple work without any artistic pretensions, maybe created because "golden hands" cannot really stay with folded hands.