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Homemade Neapolitan style Pizzelle

It is not at all uncommon for Neapolitans to have pizza-only dinners at home.

The pizza we are talking about is easy to prepare and made according to the ancient tradition of the old Neapolitan pizza.

The authentic Neapolitan pizza, in fact, was just fried and with no other ingredients added. It was sold on the street and only those who could pay a little more could have some pecorino cheese or some lard added to it.

When pizzelle are made, it's always a celebration! You should eat some while frying others: they must be warm.
According to tradition there are two types of pizzelle: one to be sandwiched with whatever you like, and the other simply plain, fried and topped...with whatever you like!

Preparation time is affected by room temperature. Double fermentation ensures that pizzelle inflate well when deep fried. However, do not exceed two hours of fermentation for 8 - 10 persons.